Daily Keto Water
All natural water, lemons, fresh mint leaves, aloe water, and sugarfree concentrated electrolytes.

I know I know, so many Keto sites and all the info out there is overwhelming. Learn from me lol…Start with basics because I tried ~ I mean I jumped in 100% hit ketosis in 3 days ….and failed then tried a better way. By fail, I mean my body crashed, went out of balance, much worse experience than that “keto flu” they talk about. I literally could not retain water and was dehydrating quickly….I immediately took some Gatorade and salty crackers and within a day or so I felt better. I’m not a quitter and I was told by my doctor this was great for starving cancer, so after researching, I decided to start taking the 3 main supplements needed to have a great experience with Keto. Start a week or 10 days prior taking magnesium, potassium, and sodium. How much? That’s tricky and can be dangerous to guess. This is MY personal needs and everyone should check a nutritionist or doctor have a nutrition urinalysis done to see YOUR unique needs. I started off taking slow-mag (2 pills daily) Potassium citrate caps (2 caps or 198 mg) and sodium in form of Himalayan salt on my food plus electrolytes in my “keto water”. My keto water is a pitcher of filtered water, aloe water ( 1/2 cup) 1 squeezed lemon, fresh mint leaves (mint plants in produce section of most grocery stores), and a tsp of electrolytes…tastes great! Side note…I’m switching my potassium and magnesium to concentrated powders as they are absorbed faster and better.



Multi Pack Lasts Months, Sugar Free


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