Daily Keto Kween kicking Cancer Routine

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Keto chart Stay within these margins Or at least more fat than protein and low low carbsBlog[/caption]

Many people want to visualize what a day on Keto looks like. What is involved, how much effort, etc etc. I will have a page up that has all my “go-to” foods that I can’t buy locally and even a keto service that prepares meals and delivers them to you! This is just my basic daily routine, there are plenty options for you when eating out, on vacation, just want to order the food, or dive in and bake away! So…this is my norm, I like it and it’s easy for me. I do suggest if your new at this MEASURE it all out and write it down and add it up …keep a daily diary at least for a week then you should be able to eyeball it. Those carbs add up quick and I had the hardest time getting enough fat lol… thank goodness for pine nuts , pili nuts, mct oil you can sprinkle on to get you there. Remember carbs minus fiber = net carbs.

I’m journaling my keto experiences because I feel I figured out a good lifestyle that helps me feel good while taking Zejula (a maintenance chemo while great for fighting cancer lowers my immune system and has many side affects) and restoring my body to health. I made all the mistakes so I wanted to help anyone else wanting to do this. I love Keto because I fell so much better on it and my labs are great (another post soon) and I’m losing weight to boot!
Today I’m just going to list my daily routine: Keto goal is to keep all meals sugar free and low carb….Each meal balanced by 70-75% fat (good fats mct oil, avacodo, pine nuts, pili nuts, sunflower seeds, sugar free nut butter, cheeses, olive oil) and 20% protein (organic nitrate free meats, egg whites etc) and 5% or 50 gm or less carbs I try for 30 gm or less. I use Keto urine test strips to test myself throughout the day. I’m usually in lightest pink to medium plum color as long as yours matches a color you’re in ketosis, it takes 4 days of eating this way to get there and about a week prior should be taking extra magnesium potassium and sodium
*First thing in the morning I have a tablespoon of Organic, cold first press, extra virgin olive oil. It should be spicy or give a burn when swallow (that’s a good brand with tons antioxidants) Helps cleanse liver and regulate bowels.
*About 15 minutes later I have a bullet-coffee. Imagine a frothy latte… 1 tablespoon of Kerrygold or Presidents grass fed butter unsalted 1 tablespoon of MCT oil, (not necessary but I add 1/2 scoop collagen peptides) and I add 4 ounces or so of coffee in blender and blend a few seconds you get a deliscious creamy coffee. If need sweeter natural sugar free drops are good.
*I eat lunch at noon usually stuffed mushrooms (refried beans, cheese, and onion) drizzled slightly after cooking with mct or olive oil, or Greek salad or quesadillas …I’ll list all my low carb sugar free brands soon.
*After lunch I take all my pills:
500 mg Vitamin C
2000 IU Vitamin D3 (my personal recommendation from my doctor 1000 IU (1 capsule is the norm)
2 caps potassium citrate =198 mg
2 tabs of Slow-Mag
2 caps fish oil 2000 mg (my personal recommendation for my levels)
1cap 800 mcg of folic acid (buy capsules online worth it the tabs get stuck in throat)
2 caps 200 mg Zejula
I wash all the down with…a bottle of water with 1 tablespoon of Braggs organic unfiltered sugar free apple cider vinegar from a vitamin shop ( the one vinegar that’s alkaline and helps cleanse organs as well as boost immune system)
*Throughout the day I drink lemon mint water with sugar free concentrated electrolytes added. I make a big pitcher of filtered water add lemon slices, fresh mint leaves from the plants, add electrolyte per instructions about 1tsp
I also have Keto Cocoa if I’m in mood for hot chocolate.
*Dinner many options but I usually have a meat like steak and a side of avacado slices drizzled with some olive oil.
*I have a major sweet tooth so I have Sugar free chocolate sinfully good or sugar free brownies that are also low carb on hand.
* I take 1/2 tsp ( natural calm) 1 gm of magnesium with keto cocoa or water in evening.
Sounds like a lot but it’s all routine to me now. The supplements I take are what I need everyone should take their own dose suggested by their doctor.

Keto chart Stay within these margins Or at least more fat than protein and low low carbs

A Great App for your phone to keep up with measuring and calculating where you are at per meal and per day
Great Website and Apps for Meal Calculations

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