Ok so much for a typical day! I had appointments and errands…then the 20 minutes at home before I darted out the door again for after school fun (sarcastic smile). I’ve learned to be prepared for days like these I pack my braggs water bottle, bag of chipotle cheese bites and box of Julian’s Bakery cheese crackers….And my electrolyte water….so just FYI if you’re stuck out and don’t have your normal items Paneras app is great online I found you can get all the nutritional info and watch the nutrition change as you add or subtract from your salad. Example I get Greek salad minus onions, tomato, anything with sugar then I go back and add avacodo….add a bottle of smart water …Back to my main post…when you’re starving and need something fast a Greek salad is easy! You can throw a salad together in seconds and I’m sorry for the poor picture but I ate most of it 😂 ….FYI cut your avocado lengthwise then peel the skin off ( I did not know this!) Most of the nutrients are in that dark green skin area 🤷‍♀️ So here are pics of my salad and ingredients….also my evening hot cocoa with powdered magnesium I take 1/4 tsp or 1 gm for now. I’m a coffee mug collector hence my themed mugs ☕️. So… tomorrow I’m going to make pizza 🍕…The most flavorful crust…There IS a right and wrong way to get the crust perfect and I’ll post directions On tomorrow’s blog til then sweet Keto dreams and if the cocoa doesn’t satisfy that sweet tooth try a melt in your mouth truffle omg!!! I can’t survive Keto without my sweets 🍫

1 Scoop of Keto Cocoa (tastes just like rich hot cocoa, I add Powdered Calm (magnesium) 1/4 tsp = 1 gram ASK YOUR DOCTOR for “YOUR” correct dose too much is dangerous but Keto requires added magnesium and Potassium so Please get your right dose to keep your body in good balance

When adding to Keto Cocoa, First warm your water then add your “Calm” and let it fizz out ( a few seconds) then add cocoa, stir and enjoy, great for before bed relaxation


OK…If I had 1 thing to take on a desserted island THIS IS IT!!! Only 1 net carb per chocolate square and no sugar, keep at room temp and this will melt in your mouth, this is the BEST Keto find ever! It comes in many different % of cocoa I like 70% Best they also make many other items. Buy in bulk as they do sell out often….but they make more so check back lol


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