Oh my goodness I love this cauliflower pizza! The next time you smell pizza delivery you don’t have to feel like you are missing out, this pizza actually smells and tastes better than regular pizza. Each box comes with 2 fully cooked crusts and there is a RIGHT way to achieve the pizza crust texture…it looks and tastes like pizza but when cooking it think of it as frying cheese (which many people do for their homemade crust) I made it once the wrong way …I cooked it… and cooked it longer …it just didn’t seem to harden and I had a floppy but tasteful pizza, not exactly what I wanted though. Tonight I made pizza Greek Style on the Jalapeño crust and yes its spicy!  I show in the pictures different toppings because it is whatever you’re in the mood for. So, when I say packed with flavor I’m really serious you honestly don’t need sauces and spices, but try it out you’ll be impressed. This is also really quick meal to make. Take a crust out of the package place on a stone and bake for 6 minutes on 350 then flip it bake another 6 minutes and pull out of the oven, youre just warming it up to melting point. Now…wait…it needs to set about 10 minutes, use a spatula to lift up aside of the crust and you can feel it go from floppy to firm. While you are waiting for the crust to firm up fry up some nitrate free pepperoni and other toppings. Then simply add your sauce and hot toppings then eat! You could broil a few seconds but I don’t recommend very long then your back to floppy crust, lol. This could be a single serve pizza or a meal for two, depending on how much you eat. I’ve tried many products and most of my favorites I get on Amazon, Publix, Wholefoods, and Kroger. When I have a link I will always share! (I’m still learning sorry for the double links LOL )

Grocery List and the links to Amazon are below : PUBLIX Sugarfree, low carb… Sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, olives, cheese, Wholefoods nitrate and sugar free bacon, pepperoni, and other meats, Amazon Sugar free low carb pizza sauce, Cauliflower crusts, olive oil





Cauliflower Crusts

SugarFree Pizza Sauce


Great Olive Oil Rich in antioxidants


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