Keto Kween’s Birthdays aren’t all bad

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So my intentions with this blog have been to share my amazing journey and to inspire and give hope! With my birthday coming up in a few days I can honestly say 45 isn’t so bad! I’ve never felt better and as I got ready for bed I snapped this unfiltered, no makeup picture. This is soo NOT like me to share but I feel proud because I see the healthier me with the keto lifestyle. I feel healthy from the inside out. I’m going to share my cancer journey through short chapters. It’s just so hard to go there emotionally when I feel so good now! It’s so important to share though because wether it’s my family, friends, or peers I want them to know because after all they are part of the journey and as it turns out it was around my birthday when the journey started. I’ll post in “chapters” section if you want to read about my experience with cancer. For now, near my birthday, I’m celebrating life and feeling so grateful God has given me many more precious years with my family making each new memory that much richer, more meaningful, more special and cherished. My heart is full ❤️ The best gift is life and my birthday wish is to anyone reading this, hug your loved ones a little longer, let them know how loved and cherished they are, and tell them all the reasons they are special to you. #LiveYourBestLife

2 Replies to “Keto Kween’s Birthdays aren’t all bad”

  1. Hey Rox, I am so happy you are doing this blog! So informative. I’m really wanting to start, but although you’re explaining very well, I’m a little overwhelmed. I don’t know what to start out doing?

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    1. That’s great! I would start by preparing: taking supplements for a week before, downloading the app to keep track of each meal it helps because you measure everything out and watch your wheel it will show how much percentage of fats/protein, and carbs for that meal. So you can add fat easily with mct oil or olive oil. Also the carbs if your meal is taking a lot of your daily carbs then you’ll have to adjust the next 2 meals at lowest carb possible to meet your daily goal of 50 gm (net carb) or less. Also if you want to start out easy you can buy meals from keto fridge until you get more comfortable cooking. But I would watch many Youtube videos on keto you’ll see many do things differently and you’ll figure out your style for you ❤️ I’ve tried many things and post my good finds on here but I’m also going to start baking cakes and get more into cooking meals …mine are all fast easy right now very beginner lol


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