Kwick Keto Snacks

This is my new “peanut butter”. I know there’s no peanuts but wow does this taste so similar it really satisfies my craving. It’s a great snack by itself ( I like a spoonful lol) Its a great appetizer too, on occasions where everyone else is eating snacks I won’t eat, I’m feeling really happy with my healthy alternative. Crunchy celery and SunButter! In the picture each celery is half a stalk so 1/2 (half) a net carb per celery stick and about 2 net carbs per serving on the Sunbutter.


SunButter from Amazon


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I’m living my best life! I love the Keto Lifestyle, especially because I get real tangible results which is super important to me after fighting cancer for the 2nd time and taking a maintenance chemo. I feel great and as requested I finally made a blog! I want to help and give hope to others who need a healthy body, healthy lifestyle with amazing results!

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