Power of The Pili Nut!

Pili Nuts are a staple food item rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and more….Low Carb and No Sugar of course!

I like to add Pine nuts and Pili Nuts to my salads, the Pine nuts more for rich flavor, and the Pili nuts for the benefits of the nutrition and healthy fats. The ones I’m using on the salad are raw and slight crunch, they are described as a butter flavor but to me they are flavorless and that’s fine because it doesn’t interfere with my salad taste. You can also buy roasted pili nuts and those are great snacks, they are actually rich and filling compared to other nuts. Check out the nutrition label, and as always link where I buy mine.


These are raw you can also find roasted if you prefer


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I’m living my best life! I love the Keto Lifestyle, especially because I get real tangible results which is super important to me after fighting cancer for the 2nd time and taking a maintenance chemo. I feel great and as requested I finally made a blog! I want to help and give hope to others who need a healthy body, healthy lifestyle with amazing results!

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