Keto Kween has found the Holy Grail of Keto! Hamburger buns, YES! Cake Yes! ZERO carbs Zero Sugar ….I’m in Keto heaven because these taste amazing! I am given products to review and only post the BEST. Some are…. just not that great, but I am sharing these from The Smart Baking Company!  I received a box that had samples of the hamburger buns and a cake of each flavor. I dove right in and tried the chocolate cake of course! OMG, it tastes like a sinful cupcake with sugar sprinkles on top. They got the flavor just right. I tried the coconut and there were actual coconut flakes. I haven’t been this excited to find a new product in a while! The company has offered us all 10% off by using the coupon code KetoKweenKickingCancer  at checkout expires 3/12/18 the link is here


We all know how expensive it can be to find great treasures like this and I’m ordering the deluxe smart box you get enough buns and cakes to last a few months! Try it I promise its worth every penny!!!


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