I feel like many people will be able to relate this who have had or are going through cancer…You are surrounded by loved ones, friends, and a supportive community, so why do you feel so ALONE? The sun is out, people are laughing, riding bikes, playing with their kids and you’re watching the living world happen as if you’re outside looking in on the world. You feel strange, have a zombie walk, a cloudy and slow mentality, fatigued, and possibly in pain….and you wonder “Where are my people?”

I searched and there was no support group near me, but I found a few blogs and an amazing website that has hundreds of thousands of members, you can choose your cancer and join your community. For me it was Ovarian Cancer and once I joined I finally felt a unique support system. There were many others just like me going through the same thing. I received so much support, knowledge, and lasting friendships, but most importantly HOPE. Please, I encourage anyone going through any disease cancer, HIV, diabetes, etc. to join this group and you will be able to share your journey with the only people who KNOW what you are going through.



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