Eating Out Keto Style can be challenging at first but surprisingly its not that hard, and you will feel great for making healthy choices and have fun while you are out. Some examples are

+ As pictured, “The Nash Burger” Organic burger with bacon and egg ordered on lettuce with no sauce and a side of avocado slices (skipping fries) ….Many restaurants will lettuce wrap your burger ….if you need a bun bring your own bun ( smart baking company listed under “Holy Grail” post

+ Many, Many dishes simply require a little planning….for example If I’m going out and I know I will get a meat but not much fat like steak, fajita, chicken, brisket, pork, ….I’ll bring a little container of MCT oil and drizzle on my food or you can ask for a side of olive oil, you can also ask for a side salad for your side item or cauliflower rice

+ Don’t want to skip the appetizers, most dips are keto friendly its the bread and chips we cant eat so ask for a side of celery, lettuce, or cabbage they make great dippers and wraps out of appetizers.

+ Want a Starbucks drink? I’m pretty sure Vanilla is the only truly sugar free latte you can get, but….with summer approaching go for “Unsweet” Tazo Passion Tea, Pineapple Tea, or Black tea and add a few of your stevia or sweetener drops.


I couldn’t make a post without adding something sweet ya’ll !!!

If you love Nutella here is a great substitute Sugar Free Low Carb and Tastes GREAT!!!

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