How Keto is helping me, numbers don’t lie!

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I have finished my last chemo with “NED” …No evidence of disease. Because my cancer had recurred and I had a favorable outcome I qualified for a new drug that was fast paced through the FDA. Literally approved a month before I started it Yikes or Yay???Zejula (Niraparib) its a parp inhibitor that kills cancer cells that try to form. Its considered chemo, maintenance chemo, and I am supposed to take as long as I can. The best results are for people with BRCA positive (cancer from your family genes) , I am negative, so the affect on me may not be as strong. This drug does not target my personal DNA cancer cells (That would be the next BIG step in cancer cures!) It will kill them though I don’t know how many  and God willing this new drug and my healthier lifestyle will prevent cancer!

The side affects, Hmm did I really want to do this? Heck yeah if it will help!

“Common side effects of Zejula include: anemia, asthenia, constipation, cough, decreased hemoglobin, decreased neutrophils, decreased platelet count, decreased white blood cell count, dizziness, dyspnea, fatigue, headache, hypertension, increased serum alanine aminotransferase, increased serum aspartate aminotransferase, insomnia, mucositis, nasopharyngitis, nausea, neutropenia, palpitations, skin rash, stomatitis, thrombocytopenia, vomiting, decreased appetite, dysgeusia, and xerostomia. Other side effects include: hypertensive crisis. See below for a comprehensive list of adverse effects.”

I started on the highest dose 300 mg a day and after a month of horrible side affects to the point of not even having mental clarity to drive, I finally got put on 200 mg a day, the most tolerated dose so far. I didn’t have the best quality of life but I could tolerate it.

I started this KETO diet and  lifestyle when all the sudden my blood tests were consistently showing an alarming rise in my liver function. I had tried some liver cleanses and had no affect on the results and I read about how the Keto diet actually cleans and restores organs like the liver, it is sugarfee (big cancer food )  , low carb….So I asked my doctor and he really encouraged me to do it and said he had 1 other patient starting it and he hoped to see the trend grow.

So, I started mid September and not only did my blood test start improving, but other results like a healthier blood sugar level, better blood pressure, and oh yes, WEIGHT LOSS ….Most importantly I felt ODDLY WONDERFUL, I mean what is going on? I cant imagine how good I would feel if I wasn’t on zejula? Like running a marathon YASS!

My blood counts will always be low but that’s part of this journey, a lower immune system. The most important thing is I can stay on my cancer killing drug, feel great, lose weight, and get healthier! I’m in a very good place right now! I thank God, my family and friends who pray or send good energy my way!

So below are charts they show my liver function numbers going down, I also have a weight loss chart but ya know that’s a little too personal. I may post pics at some point LOL

The green line in the middle shows where my Keto Lifestyle started.


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